Do you want our donuts? And preferably in excess? 

Then simply order our party boxes!

Suitable for every party, wedding, company event, birthday, completely adapted to your wishes!

Regardless of whether it is shimmering shimmer, golden glazes, numbers/letters, desired combinations, with us imagination is just a word. You just have to express it!

Easily ordered to your home by local delivery service, or picked up yourself.


The so-called party boxes are available in 4 different sizes at an absolute saving price.

 Surprise mix from the standard range:

Party Box XS : 20 Pieces , 34,99€

Party Box S : 50 Pieces , 87,50€

Party Box M : 80 Pieces , 139,99€

Party Box XXL : 100 Pieces , 174,99€


Per extra request: color, lettering, decoration, glitter... we calculate a flat rate based on the selected size, this is in the range of 5-35€ per box.